Princess in Pink by: Meg Cabot

Book: Princess in Pink
Author: Meg Cabot
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary


The hilarious fifth installment of the #1 New York Times bestsellingPrincess Diaries–Will Mia attend the senior prom or not???

Mia Thermopolis (aka Princess Amelia Migonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo) has already won the hearts of millions of aspiring princesses. With the hardcover and audiobook publication to be followed by the release of Disney’s sequel to The Princess Diaries movie in August 2004, the princess phenomenon will be in full swing throughout the year!

Girls will be overjoyed with this hilarious addition to their favorite series, which involves seven minutes in heaven, strikes, and Mia’s mission to get asked to the senior prom.

Why I read this book:

Because it had Meg Cabot’s name on it.  Book Stalker syndrome, it happens.


Prom!!! PROM!!!! No really the theme of this book was PROM! Their was a whole page that this was all that was written.

Her Grandmere of course managed to create a strike amongst the bus boys after getting one fired for tripping over her dog and spilling soup in a restaurant she should not even have brought her dog to in the first place.  Of course Mia’s best friend goes on the sympathy strike, and picks up the cause (it also helps that the bus boy in questions is cute).  There are friend dramatics, boyfriend dramatics, tension with the grandmother of course.  And the grandmere coming through again in the end.

Final Thoughts:

And all through it Mia’s uncertainty, yet funny resolve.  I loved this book.  But….. I think I have had my full share of Mia for quite some time now.  I think perhaps this series is best taken in small doses.  Like how a book gets launched from an author once a year or however long and we as the reader must salivate and wait.  I think for this series this might be a good thing.  Because its like food that we really really love.  But then you binge on it and you get a belly ache then you can’t look at it for a really really long time.  That is kind of what happened to me.  I binged, my belly aches.  I’m giving myself some space to fall back in love with it.

Rating: 7/10


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