How My NaNoWriMo 2009 EPIC FANTASY will be scavenged for YA

Had you told me that what I was writing for my NaNoWriMo 2009 book at the time could have easily morphed into YA instead of the Fantasy I thought it was, I would have called you crazy.  I would have laughed at you.  Threw my head back and laughed outrageously.  No, no you see, I read Fantasy, I want to write Fantasy.  YA is flippant, it is surface, it is not deep.

Hangs head in shame.  YA can be all of those things, and it can be deep too.  It’s just told differently.  It’s told primarily through one persons perspective and how the world affects them.  Sometimes two people as their story wraps around each other.

There was this contest in November or around then that they advertised throughout NaNoWriMo regarding YA.  I briefly thought that maybe I could take what I was working on and skew it to YA to enter the contest.  But since I didn’t really read YA (besides the uber popular ones, like Harry Potter and Twilight) I didn’t know how to write it.  So I let it go and just concentrated on rocking NaNoWriMo.

I look back on that story and I can easily see it now.  How the original idea doesn’t hold a candle to one of the side stories I had thrown in there.   Specifically this one story line that has deeply rooted its hooks in me.  It is about a twin brother and sister and magic, and the lengths he’ll go to, to get her healed after she’s been broken.  I know him, he his dark, he is dangerous, and mostly, the scariest thing of all, is that he won’t stop.  But in all of his danger, in all of his risks that he takes, and all of the shady back doors and course attitudes and outer armor, what softens him is his love for his sister.  I want to write that story.  I want to write it so freaking badly I don’t even know how to start.  And the thing I would never have guessed at the time of its inception, is that it would be YA.

I’m not disappointed in this outcome at all.  I look forward to the day I can delve into this story and give it justice.  Maybe it will morph its way back into EPIC FANTASY again.  But the thing I must keep in mind, is that it’s about the story being told, and not the box it will be placed in after it is finished.  Be open minded, and write what needs to be written, define it later.


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