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Julia’s Grant to Do List of Awesome:


  1. Finish getting through all of blog like things, also if this to do list is funny enough consider it as a Friday blog post.  Consider.
  2. Go to the gym.  Stomach crunches while they may appear to be the enemy are actually good for you.  Do them then skidle on over to the Elliptical and pretend like you are working out when really your just moving your legs while reading Meg Cabot.  Remember to move the legs though.
  3. Pack.  Try not to over pack. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) one summer dress, one pair of skinny jeans, okay maybe two, PJs, BATHING SUITE, stuff to entertain the crap out of you while riding in cars with boys where you should be social with, but are secretly permitting yourself away.
  4. Super – that meal at the end of the day.  Don’t really have any plans, but we’ll see how that works out.
  5. Write – dear lord get some words down on the computer regarding your novel.  Also consider synching this with your Ipad for your Journey this weekend.  Laptop is staying home.  Ipad is going with.
  6. Take the stinky dogs for a strut because they like going for a walk and pooping in yards that are not your own.  Hope they don’t poop down a ditch while people are looking because I am not going to go and adventure in the a ditch to pick up feces.


  1. Get up ungodly early on the weekend to go on a ROAD TRIP to TO to watch THE LION KING!!!  Boyakasha!!!!  Also panic a little as you do your last minute packing. (there will be last minute packing)
  2. Travel.  Remember to add enough high pitched giggles and sounds of agreement to the conversation that they think you are participating.  Really try to get something creative done on this road trip that involve words writing your novel, reading someone else’s novel, remaining caught up on blogity things, and knitting.  That is a lot of creative pursuits for one road trip.  Consider slimming down the list and decide against it because really, I like having options.
  3. Baka Phoenix box is the devil and by devil we mean a wonderful place to go and worship at the altar of the mighty book gods.  However, resist the urge to go in and spend your entire pay cheque there.  RESIST!
  4. Consider trying to convince Cowboy of a stop to Lettuce Knits.  Really the only reason for going there is to stalk the wild gazelle in its natural habitat (THE YARN HARLOT).
  5. Possible swim in the hotel pool.  Hope that there are no wee grasshoppers their so I can enjoy swimming without being crashed into.
  6. Go watch THE LION KING!!! Swoon at the costumes appropriately.  Sing along with HakunaMatata!  Chanel inner child and squeal with glee!! Also buy a t-shirt of something, because for some reason we like to collect musical paraphernalia!
  7. Go to a bar and possible get rip roaring drunk!  Try not to regret this decision in the morning.


  1. Regret the decision to get rip roaring drunk on Saturday evening.  Turn on the shower and lie down in the bottom of it while singing ‘Fuck me Ray Bradbury’ at the top of your lungs.
  2. Are we going to a baseball game?  I don’t know?  ARE WE?  Are we doing that later in the summer?  So confused.  Try not to lose your cookies.
  3. Think about food.  What would make your stomach stop trying to jump hurdles.  Because at this point we are assuming you said yes to the copious amounts of booze available to you Saturday evening.
  4. Did I get dressed yet?  Or am I wondering around like a homeless person in my PJ’s.  Hmmmm. So unclear.
  5. Ride home.  It will be long.  Take a nap.  No one will mind.   You are hung over.
  6. Be greeted by stinky stinky basset hounds who won’t stop barking.  Once they have calmed down snoogle them and take a nap, for like 12 hours.  It will be necessary. 
  7. Did I write at all today? I hope I did?  Shrugs shoulders.  Must remember to get back on the horse on Monday.

EDIT:  Those things on your forehead the resemble wild animals.  Yah.  Those.  Tame them to make them resemble eyebrows.

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