Monkey hats = creative writing time!

Some of you may have been wondering what it looks like when I write.  So for your veiwing pleasure I have taken some pictures.

That is what I look like when I’m writing.  Mostly.  Okay so really that is just me wearing the monkey hat I was wearing today while writing and taking silly pictures of myself using photo booth on my MacBook, but I imagine I do make funny faces all the time like that when I write.  ALL THE TIME!!

Happy May Long Queen Victoria’s Birthday Weekend!! (whoot! – for an extra day of word count increase while getting paid for a holiday and not actually having to work at the day job! – because really that’s what holidays are for me.  A chance to make clicky noises and play with characters in my head and manipulate their lives.  Time for me to leave and go set their world on fire.)


2 thoughts on “Monkey hats = creative writing time!

    1. Unfortunately I did not knit that hat. Cowboy bought it for me. And it is a wee bit small becuase it’s a kids hat so I am constantly yanking on the chords to settle it around my head better. Also a neighbours dog ran away to our yard and my dogs where looking out the big picture window which we have one of our couches against, so they were on top of it making a nuisance of themselves. And then I joined them to peer at the neighboors. I imagine we looked funny. Dogs going crazy me peering in my monkey hat. ’tis the writers life for me 😉

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