Thursday – a wee scoosh of a writing update…. kind of.

I was struggling along with my WIP on a scene that I kind of knew what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure with it.  So I pulled out my bag of tricks and reached in and wrote a scene later on.  It was supposed to be a gratuitous sex scene just for the hell of it, where my Mc and her love interested FINALLY hook up.

Well they didn’t end up going the way I wanted to.  But I think it went even better.  I really got the opportunity to get into my characters heads in a way that their reactions made sense.  She shudders in pleasure but he takes it the wrong way and all of a sudden their fighting and pulling at each other’s secrets like a slap to the face.

It was marvelous, because it freed me in the writing.  I got the chance to connect with the characters in a way that really sewed them to my soul and now when I think about picking up a book to read, I think of my book that hasn’t yet been written.

Once you get to that point with your WIP you know you have something that you will want to be with on a regular basis.  It’s a project that will drag you through weather you want to or not.  I love this stage of writing.  Where I need to know what happens next, but the only way to get there is for me to create the moments and link them up. I haven’t felt this magic in a long while with my writing.  It is stunning.

Now I know these characters are going to live with me every single moment of every single day until they are done with me.  Please let that be when I have a complete project on hand.

Word Count as of Monday: 9696 (weird right?)

Goal: Have draft one done by the end of June (hopefully before then).

Reward: Re-read of Divergent (this will also help with the revising as I pick her novel apart to see why it rocked so much – and trust me it did.)

Songs for WIP: Secrets by: One Republic, Mr. Jones by: Counting Crows


2 thoughts on “Thursday – a wee scoosh of a writing update…. kind of.

  1. This is so cool! Congratulations on your success! That rocks hard! 😀 Those moments when you fall completely into character, those are the ones that got me into writing in the first place. It’s like you’re writing a rain scene and when you get out of it you take a look in the mirror and wonder why you’re so dry. It’s awesome!
    Oh, and I just bought The Divergent, b/c of your good review 😉

    1. You will LOVE Divergent. Or at least I hope you will!!!

      I can’t wait for some solid writing time this weekend to fall back into those moments.

      I almost completely resent my day job right now for keeping me away from my characters. They need me! JJ

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