750words.com – great for drafting!

I should be writing, but I’m avoiding that right now.  I will after I do this and a few other things online.  Check my e-mail. Get caught up on some blogs.  Twitter a bit.  Oh look 2 hours later and why didn’t I get my writing done?

We as the human race are classic procrastinators.  I mean if you could earn money as a procrastinator I think the majority of us would be millionaires.

But that novel doesn’t write itself and all those shinny ideas you want to play with, you don’t get to play with them unless you put the time in.

So I’ve locked into this fancy simple sight called 750words.com  I use it to write one scene a day on the novel.  It gives me a word count goal I have to make.  It takes my time and my wordage per minute.  It gives out badges for different achievements and it even analysis your writing to see how your are focusing on things.  And it comes in such a simple writer space to.  No other distractions besides the words on the page.  After you get the fun gadgets to look at.

I got a little over 5k last week using this tool.  Brilliant! And honestly it honly takes me about 20 minutes to draft a scene.

So I’m still in the drafting stage.  And will be there for another 50K at least.

Wordage on novel to date: 18018 on Cyber

Last week wordage: 5644

Goal for this week: 10K


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