Boring title about writing, but I assure you the post is FAB!

So my writer group, the one that meets on Wednesdays and is so super secret it’s like the fight club and I’m not supposed to talk about it but duh I totally am now, so anyways where was I going with this sentence, oh yeah, super secret club, which we will call the UW from now on, has decided that as it is around mid year and therefore we should assess our writing goals for the rest of the year.

Guess what I did ladies and gentlemen?  I bet you can’t guess?  Damit!  You totally guessed didn’t you?

Yes, indeed, I did pull out my trusty friend the EXCEL spreadsheet.  Because I LURVES It.  And it told me that on average I write about 2155 words per week.  Then I blinked at it and called it a bunch of filthy names because there is no way I am a slacker like that.  But then I thought about it and so okay maybe when there was snow on the ground up here in the north, I totally was a slacker like that.  I was all blah, snow, writers legs, blah.

But then I did Script Frenzy and I totally slacked.  But I took a look at my word count for the month (not on a weekly basis, because slacker!) and was like, duh, I could totally do that again in a month.  So each meeting of the UW I bravely declare I will make 10K this week. Each week I show up with half of that.  BUT BUT the important thing is that I have started writing again on a daily basis.

So what does this mean my fine writer folk?  As long as I don’t fall off the wagon I should make another 140K this year if I do 5k a week.  I should be able to finish the novel I am working on now by August, finish another novel before NaNoWriMo, then do NaNoWriMo, which will be hopefully a complete novel as well.  I should theoretically be able to crank out 3 novels this year.  Theoretically.  Non revised of course, but roughs available to mold.

That sounds like all kinds of awesome to me.  Now I do need to tweak my writing habits a wee bit.  I need to do AM AND PM sessions I think to truly be successful.  But I always feel better when I’m writing. So it’s really not a huge concession to make.

3 NOVELS! One year.  This coming from a girl who has yet to finish one.  Pardon me while I do a cartwheel or several. No backlfips thought because man those are dangerous.

Ahem.  My novel is calling me. Can’t chat, must write!!

Hearts to you all!

Words written this week: 7018

Words total on novel: 24437

Estimated completion date: August 1, 2011!!!!! (also last week before will be implementing a do or die on it!)


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