Life Experiences

This week I have taken a week worth of holidays from work.  It is awesome.  It is like every day is a Saturday.  Theoretically I should be slamming out the words on my novel and reading like a book a day.  What I am doing instead is life experiences.

We went to Niagara Falls with the stinks, which was challenging because we had to make sure we attended to their needs as well as did stuff we wanted to do.  But totally worth it. We’ve had a BBQ with a friend of mine and watched Dr. Who.  We’ll be going to Cowboys sisters place and her father’s in laws camp with their kids and the dogs.

It’s moments like these that make novel fodder.  That let you recharge your creative battery.  So instead of bemoaning the family events for lost time on writing enjoy and be present.  Observe.  Take your mental notebook and live a little, that way you have something to write later.

Word count this week: Abysmal – but I’m okay with that.  I am having a great time off with a week of cowboy and stinky doggers.

P.S. July 1st Camp NaNoWriMo.  Thinking of jumping on that experience?  MAYBE!?


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