Feed by: MT Anderson

Book: Feed
Author: MT Anderson
Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction


Spending time partying on the moon and riding around in his “upcar,” Titus is an average teen of the future, complete with a computer chip implant — the “Feed” — that lets corporate marketers and government agencies broadcast directly into his brain. Then Titus meets Violet, and an anti-Feed hacker shuts down their Feeds for a short time; but when Violet’s Feed is seriously damaged, she begins spouting some radical ideas.

M. T. Anderson has predicted the future, and it’s startling indeed. Although Titus is a good, well-meaning kid, his blissful ignorance of the control over him leaves readers thinking twice about the destiny of earth’s citizens. Beneath the book’s techno-veneer, however, lies a romantic tale between a boy who gives into the system and a girl who sees beyond it. All told, Feed is a “meg” remarkable work of science fiction, and once readers begin, they’ll be caught up in its powerful grip.

Why I read this book:

I got this book out from the library because it was tagged in a Dystopia YA books list.


Reading the synopsis I thought it might actually be similar to the book I am trying to write, about being plugged in all the time.  Gladly my book and this are not the same.  At least not yet, and I hope to stay far far far away from his material.   As in I will do a search for the word feed and delete it used in every occurrence.

The book started off interested with a really strong voice.  The pages turned fast and it was easy enough to keep reading at first.  But then after awhile reading it felt more like a chore than anything enjoyable and I couldn’t quite grasp why at first.

The reason: There is no reader payoff.  You put in the time and you read the words, but there is nothing in their to like, nothing to cheer for, no sense of hope.  Just this eternal pit of stupidity and gloom.

Normally a love story will perk things right up for me, but even when girl and guy get to kiss, there is no description that goes into it, it’s just and then we kissed, and move onto the next random stupid thought the guy has.   And the da da da da da.  And banner adds, and the nonsense and the stream of conscious writing.  It was tiring. Exhausting to read.

And okay, I get it, it’s about style.  It’s about their stupidity and being plugged in and shit.  And their inability to function on their own, and their dependency on consumerism and need to belong, but at what price.  I get that.  But it’s pretentious like a message being shoved down your throat.

At the end I loathed the main character.  Like wanted nothing more than for him to be the one who was dying and in a funny way he kind of is as their world is going to shite.

Final Thoughts:

I finished the book so I could feel justified in ripping this book a new ahole.  Really that was the only logic behind it, because if I did say all this and then confess I didn’t finish it then I would always wonder what if it got better.  It doesn’t.  It just makes you feel worse.

The author comments on how the original idea was a short story.  And you know what.  As a short story this would be F’ing brilliant, but as a novel, all I can say is don’t.

Rating: 1/10 (the only emotion it made me feel was this deep seething pit of anger and frustration – not the reason why I read)


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