Falling in love with the story

I have read of this phenomenon several times before whereby the author had to keep writing because they had to know what happened to their characters, or variations upon that.  And quite frankly I didn’t understand that.  Until now that is.  And yet I still find myself terrified of placing my fingers on the keys and diving into my story, wondering if I am doing it justice, or just completely mucking it up.

Revelations too.  They scare me.  I think I may have just added some variation of Zombies to my story without even knowing it.  Or at least there is the potential for me to follow that thread.

And I really shouldn’t be perplexed at the idea of revelations appearing as I write, because obviously I don’t do well in the planning stage.  Yet every time it happens, I feel like a genius all over again.

You see I am a panster.  I can’t grasp an entire story in my mind from beginning to end and scene by scene.  I can grasp a feel for it, and emotion, and core of it, a few plot points, but an actual detailed map.  That itself isn’t going to happen until I start making clicky noises on the computer.

So I really shouldn’t be shocked at myself for becoming in enamored with what is going to happen next.  I really shouldn’t.  Yet here I am in awe and wonder that this phenomenon is happening to me.

Please someone remind me not to go on Vacation again until this book is done, or at the very least remind me to take my laptop with me.

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