When I’m not writing, I’m writing

I don’t know about the rest of you but I like quite.  The reason I like quite is because I can hear myself think.  There are no distractions, it’s just me and my thoughts.

When I was in higschool I used to spend hours daydreaming up my perfect scenarios.  Boys, romantic dreams, situations of which to impress boys. Okay so I thought about boys a lot as a teenager.  I was a girl and there were a LOT of hormones.

I also walked to and from school. I would spend that time daydreaming.  One of my first fantasy novel ideas still comes from that era of feet as transportation method to school. A room full of floating candles and a girl who can read minds. And this tragic emotion of being all alone in the world.  I still haven’t done this idea justice, but I understand her better now.

But as an adult (sort of – don’t laugh!) I still spend all of my quite moments daydreaming.  Except now when it’s not Doctor Who fantasies it’s worlds I’m building in my own head.  My characters.  Their thoughts.

So even when my fingers aren’t at a keyboard I still write.  When I’m in the shower, when I can’t fall asleep, driving to and from work.  Those are all my quite moments that I use for daydreaming! I put words in front of others and not just picture scenes, but how I would write them.  Music and other distractions be damned, but I prefer the pleasure of my imaginary friends.

Do you do the same?


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