The Curse of the Currently Reading Shelf of Goodreads

I absolutely adore Goodreads. I love getting updates about what friends have marked as to read.  It gives me ideas of what I want to read.  I love reading the reviews of my friends.  BUT most of all I love the organization of it all.  A giant bookshelf of digital proportions.

The only problem I have noticed, for myself anyways, is the Currently Reading shelf.  As soon as I put a book on that list, it is like I am doomed to not finish it any time in the near future, and shame makes me take it down and tuck it away back on the TBR pile.

Books that I have done this with so far:

O, Jerusalem – audio book, by: Laurie R. King

Remedy – self pub by: Heidi C. Vlach

Sun of Suns – by: Karl Schroeder

Gone – by: Michael Grant

There is nothing wrong with these books as a whole.  They are wonderful books that I have started.  They are simply not the books I needed to be reading at that time, and so I had to put them down.   I just couldn’t focus on finishing them.  This is not to say I won’t some day, but that when I am reading them I want to be reading them.  Not just getting through them.  I think sometimes it’s kinder to recognize when a book isn’t working for you right now and save it for a later date, rather then force your way through it.

My apologies to the authors, some day I do hope to fully enjoy your worlds but today is not that day.


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