Sussex, New Brunswick

Sussex New Brunswick – home of a hot air balloon festival, lots of painted buildings with history of the town, breathtaking OLD victorian houses in need of some TLC, covered bridges, and lots of cows!

I have recently visited Sussex, New Brunswick at Cowboy’s place when he’s working and not at home with me.  Day job has gone on strike for me, and for me the most logical thing to do with that time was seize the moment, buy a plain ticket (ouch in the money department), arrange a dog sitter (thanks mom!) and come out to visit.  Each day I have been here I tell myself I need to get words on the revision done.  Each day I try, and then go for a nap and get distracted doing other things.

However, recently I read a blog post my Justine Larbalestier about her process in using Scrivener while writing Liar.  And it dealt with some of the issues I have been having using Scrivener for Cybe.  Her way of organizing things, just made sense and freed me up!  Scenes not Chapters, colour coordinating things, stamping them with their progress level, BRILLIANT!  Also I should take the opportunity to use the snapshot feature more often.  I am scared of tinker too much and then coming to the conclusion that I might have liked something earlier.  Snapshot lets you flip back and forth and even compare the changes!

So right now, I am going to put on my big girl pants and dive in.  I want to see some significant changes before I get home!  Or at least progress.

P.S. I have also gone to check out their local library.  While small, I can tell you the lovely tables  by the window’s WITH BLINDS and green views is a large improvement to Sudbury!  There is something completely fitting and also charming about checking out another towns library.  Love love!



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