Welcome back to ME! on my own blog

HELLO BLOG! …#echoesofsilence

LIFE!  For those of you still clinging on to my blog is what has happened.

I had big plans for these past three weeks!  Huge plans. Writing, reading, cleaning (I like to be organized but have been avoiding my home office for months as it just keeps accumulating stuff to deal with “later” – whenever that is.)

But um, well I didn’t even get like 1/4 of the stuff done intended.  #iregretnothing

Cowboy and I have just spent the last 3 weeks together with one week left to go.  As some of you may have gathered he works out of town.  This is the most time spent together since Christmas. So I tend to reshuffle my priorities when he’s around. Less me time, more us time.

Also, their may have been a few naps. #sleepisyummmy A day spent beefing an entire video game #iownyoutangled And lots of cuddling with Cowboy #snugglingisanart also getting back on track with my work out regime #fitnessgoalseatit

So don’t forget to live.  It recharges and inspires.  This is my mantra while I try to decide what kind of crazy I was thinking in posting that crazy long to read list last week.


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