Sometimes you just need to show up!

Gym? How many of you go the the gym?

I do. But I have to admit this wasn’t always the case.  Before I met Cowboy I didn’t even give it a serious thought. I lived in a small town where I walked everywhere or took the city bus in to town. I walked to and from high school. College took a bit of a hit on my waistline but I was always on the go, so still maintained healthy weight.

So I always thought of gyms as unnecessary.  But then cowboy and I got gym memberships together and really I can’t clearly remember the logic behind it. I do however remember how intimidating I felt going to the gym.  How completely out of place I felt. I had to give myself a pep talk just to show up and another to leave the change room. I cowered on the cardio machines.  And for a very long time that’s all I felt comfortable with.

Now though five years later, I do classes on a regular basis. I am comfortable with more of the cardio machines. I do the weight machines.  I’m still intimidated. Y the free weights. But I’m working my way up to it.  I eat better, or at least I try. And I take vitamins and supplements to help me with attaining my goals.

The biggest challenge though still remains showing up.  However the more I show up and see results the more committed I get to keeping it up.

And it’s like that with writing too.  I used to feel incredibly intimidated and lost.  I still do sometimes, but I now with time and effort I will get better. I will improve and reach those goals.  I just have to make time to show up.  I have to make that commitment to myself. I also need to continuously challenge myself.

What are you intimidated by and how have you challenged yourself?


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