Adventures in Knitting – Slither

I interrupt my regular scheduled program of books and writing and stinky dogs (though less of the later recently, note to self – fix that), for my adventures in knitting!

So this spring a friend of mine convinced me to take up knitting again.  Until then I had been a purveyor of knitting goods, but the actual act of knitting was strongly lacking.  Really a  trip to Sweet Yarns ( had convinced me that I should try again.  The woman who runs the store is a sweetheart.  Bring in a pattern and she will pimp you out with all of the supplies!

So I brought her this: Slither.  I don’t like snakes but I thought that these where darling.  I LOVE fingerless gloves and they where long and gothic, and possibly steampunk esk.

However I decided that even though I was a beginner knitter I was not going to follow the patters (I would pay for this later).  First off I know I like a tighter knit, so automatically I downsized all of my needles by a size.  But I didn’t swatch, so I got to the end of the second glove and realized that hey they where too small.  I knew this from the first glove, and the mistakes I had made with my increases that I would need to start over, but like the silly knitter that I am I had convinced myself that I could live with the mistakes.  It wasn’t till I had two completely imperfect gloves in my possession did this become a huge problem for me.  So I frogged them and started over.

I cast on for the medium size gloves but I only decreased on the third row of each repeat.  And I knit 9 repeats as opposed to 10. When I got to the hand I followed the instructions for the large size, and when it came to the thumb I held 14 stitches as opposed to 12 stitches leaving me 32 stitches for the hand.  I also knit 16 rows after the thumb for the upper hand, and 4 rows for the knit 1 pearl one ending of the hand.  For the thumb I knit 4 rows, and 3 rows of the knit one pearl one before casting off. On top of that I didn’t have two colours for the stripes, I went with just one colour for the stripe sections, therefore significantly less strippy!

Yarn: Malabrigo (850 Archangel) & Malabrigo (69 Pearl Ten)

All Photos brought to you by Cowboy!  All knitting brought to you by many episodes of Dr. Who and Torchwood!

Next up – something owl related!


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