NaNoWriMo – a Month of literary abandon!

NaNoWriMo… Is it to soon to mention?

My head is already spinning with the planning process. I am once again ML ing for the Sudbury area! I am incredibly excited and yet equally terrified.  Last year I sort of  bit off more than I could chew.  Add to that a novel that I was less than passionate about and by the end of the month I was done!

However their is also something completely magical about the experience! It’s like the first snow fall when it comes down in those thick fluffily flakes and everything turns into a fairy princess dream.  Waiting till midnight, getting those first tepid words on the page.  Getting up with the pure and sole ambition to write for the day, because this is the month that despite all of your other obligations writing comes first! No matter what. I don’t always give writing that kind of focus, but for November, I absolutely do!

And then you hit the middle of the month of November. And their are two separate paths writers seam to branch down.  The path of holly freaking awesome this is going better than I could ever have thought (my first year of NaNoWriMo). OR the doom and glooms,this sucks, I suck, I can’t get through this, let me just crawl into a deep dark hole and mope (my second year of NaNoWriMo).

But I do firmly believe that if you just power on, it will be completely and totally worth it. You’ll get that runners rush at the end of hitting 5k and pushing through your plateaus.  Their is a certain pride in bitting off more than you can chew and making it happen!

I hope to find a calm centre. Im going to use All of October to my advantage. In both planning for my novel but also planning for being a superb ML.  I want to make sure that all of our participants feel welcome and loved. And that no matter what path they are traveling they are receiving the type of support they need in order to carry through.

I also have some dynamic ideas for thread posts and really opening up our discussions for literary abandon.

But most of all I am going in with the firm belief that November is my care free month of first drafting abandon. It is about discovery. It is not about perfection or second drafts. It is about finding hidden treasures. And I believe that if you take this mantra in with you, you will get sooo much more from the experience and surprise yourself along the way!

Here’s to a month of writerly abandon!


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