How do you manage your reading time?

Once upon a time there was this girl who fell in love with reading.  And she read and she read and she visitor her library and she read some more.  She did not know about book blogging or new releases.  She was blissfully ignorant to only what her library had in store for her.

That was me when I was in highschool and even college.

Then sometime after I started paying attention to release dates for anticipated authors I already read.

And a whole tumbleweed storm later I am now on goodreads and on my blog I am  participating in WOW and IMM.

I have over 400 books on my TBR shelf on goodreads.  Participating in IMM this week and seeing how many books people have received I started to feel like maybe I was a slacker.  Like maybe I wasn’t pulling my weight the same way I should be.

But then I started analyzing my time. I read during my lunch breaks and I read before I go to bed. And I read on Sunday Morning to finish whatever book I have been reading that week.

I used to be able to crank out 3 read books a week, but then that was all I was doing with my spare time.  I then dropped down to 1 book a week, and then I got stalled on a book and it took me 3 weeks.  I want to get back up to 2 books a week read.  However, I also want to insure that I have a life too, besides work and reading.

How do you manage your reading time? And how many books to you read a week?



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