Social networking faux pas of the wannabe writer

I will participate in a couple of blog carnivals a week.  One is waiting on Wednesday and the other is In My Mail Box.  It is perfectly acceptable during these to leave a comment then link to your blog for them to check it out.  I am cool with that.  I realized this while going into it.  And I will always go and check out the blogs of those who have commented on my post and see if they have material I would be interested in keeping up on and do a follow in return.

However there are some things that drive me FREAKING crazy in the social networking world.

Twitter faux pas :

If I mention that I have an iPad on twitter, within 20 minutes I have a bot trying to get me to enter into some sort of contest for an iPad 2.  NO THANK YOU! I will automatically report this as spam and block them.   If you want to get in on the conversation make some witty remark.  Don’t link me to whatever crap you are peddling.

The follow and then unfollow to try to get me to follow you.  I will go check out your page if your description looks interesting enough.  If you have actually real content and appear witty and funny I will follow you.  If not, then freaking stop!  Also particularly annoying is when it’s for some company that is no where near where I am.  Block and report as spam.

Facebook faux pas :

I have a day job where people are trying to make the most of social networking to give their business a competitive edge.  What is not okay though is trying to friend me on my personal facebook for work reasons.  I have recently created a work account to solve this problem.

The random I don’t know who the F*socks your are request.  No really.  I know this person and this person on your friends list but we have never actually met.  Can I add you to my collection? Oh and go check out my blog.  I want to write.  No idea what I write though because I can’t be bothered to tell you in this quick spam message to get extra followers.

Goodreads faux pas:

If we do not have any books in common do not try to friend me.  It is not like Pokémon.  You do not get to keep them all.

If you are an author do not try to friend me if your book is not on my TBR shelf.   You might get away with it if your book is like the material on my TBR shelf, but if you see that I primarily like YA and you write historical text books, I can pretty much guarantee I want to kick you in the shins for wasting my time.

General faux pas:

Any time you are a writer wannabe like myself and you get in touch with me (facebook, twitter, email), please for the love of all that is holly, do not just be like oh by the way I want to write go check out my blog.  This is RUDE!  For reals yo.

Clearly state what your intentions are for getting in touch with me.  Also find out why I might be an acceptable match for those intentions.  If I wanted to go checkout your blog, I probably would have found it by now.  Just saying.

And this is my quick and dirty social networking faux pas.  I’m sure there are more out there.  Quick add them to the comments! (all those who spam will receive a time out in the Roo’s Poo emporium)


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