I give you Sundays!

I am no religious but Sundays are my religion.  They are my one day off a week.  I don’t clean my house on Sundays, I don’t go to the gym on Sundays.  I don’t do anything that I don’t want to do on a Sunday.  If I had a claw foot tub I might spend all of Sunday wrinkling like a prune with a good book.  Lucky for me I don’t have one.

I sleep in. I read. I knit.  I will walk the dogs. I meditate on random thoughts while walking the dogs. I get blogs set up for the week – if I feel inspired. I write – if the book is calling like a siren.  I cook comfort foods if desired.  I do not entertain unless compelled to. I wear comfy clothes and don’t worry about my hair and makeup. I don’t try to conquer the world and a grand to do list on Sundays.  Sundays are my recess for the week.

I absolutely 100% refuse to feel guilty about this commitment to myself.  Because that is what Sundays is, a date with me, where I court me.

I think sometimes we forget to do this.  To give ourselves a break.  We get so caught up in all of the balls we have up in the air and keeping them all there, that we don’t take the time to maintain our own sanity.

Therefore I give you Sundays.  Make this your day.  The day where you don’t do anything that you don’t want to do.  The day where you don’t feel guilty about that to do list, or the fact that your hair is sticking out in a million different directions.  The day where you cater to yourself.

And if you still have things left on your to do list, leave them.  They can wait another day.  You are not superman, nor should you be trying to live up to those expectations.  You are human.  You need rest and relaxation.  And mostly you need a break from the guilt and stress that we pile on ourselves.  Give yourself a break.  You deserve it.

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