NaNoWriMo Day 6

This month will lead to sporadic blogging at random days and times.  Mostly it will consist of lessons I am learning during NaNoWriMo.  As both a writer and as an ML.

However, for this month my primary goal is to write. No blogging till I have written.  Heck I might not even let myself shower in the morning until I write.

For November, I give myself the opportunity to live the life of the writer.  I put writing first.  This is an early Christmas gift to myself.  And I don’t begrudge myself this.  I learn to live with dust bunnies and dirty dishes.  It is strangely elating.

Every year I have walked away from NaNoWriMo having learnt a new writing lesson.

The first year was that I had three different stories I was trying to roll into one.

The second year is that I should have been writing an MG novel instead of YA.

This year – its still up in the air. But mostly I am trying to go with it.  Have fun.  If something isn’t working, I stop taking myself seriously and go with whimsical.  If it feels wondery, that’s fine. I will find an ending later. This year is the year of go with what works and ditch what doesn’t.

And these are just lessons on the drafts themselves.  They aren’t about how I write, or writing as a community, or writing as a lifestyle.  There are so many ways that I learn and grow throughout NaNoWriMo and I hope that I can find the right words to communicate those to you.

But as much as I love playing with words, some concepts are bigger than them.  They are emotional masterpieces that live on in our mind.  That too is why I write.  To try to find a way to capture that rawness, in words. Paint a picture in words.  It’s a high and mighty challenge, one that many endeavor to take up.  I hope that my words are worthy of it.


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