Welcome back all!!  Sorry for the long hiatus, but like previously mentioned I needed to figure out blogging before I got back to it.  And I’m not sure I have just yet, but I am sure I have definitely been missing it from my life.

Things I have learnt while I was awa

  1. I both like and not like blogs that post every day
  2. Sometimes I like blogs that only post a few times a week.
  3. I like all sorts of blogs.
  4. Mostly I follow blogs though with specific focus.
  5. I like all sorts of things.
  6. This may be a problem.
  7. Decided it is not a problem.
  8. Blog name is Pisces Muse after all.
  9. Therefore can blog about all things that inspire me.
  10. Lists are fun!

Okay so here’s the deal.  There are going to be changes.  And mostly I am going to flail about arms and limbs everywhere and enthusiastically pontificate about all things that I like.

For example:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. My dogs
  4. Other peoples dogs
  5. Tea
  6. My thoughts on my writing
  7. My thoughts on writing advice.
  8. Knitting.
  9. How I suck at knitting
  10.  Food.
  11. British Tv.
  12. Maybe some Vloging.  I think you might all enjoy some live Julia enthusiasm and if you don’t you may at the very least find it entertaining.
  13.  Books.
  14. Outside.
  15. Running.
  16.  How my muscles hurt after running.
  17. Why I like cheese.
  18. This list may be getting ridiculous.
  19. Welcome to Julia.
  20. There an even 20.

See y’all later!!!!!

P.S. I am not Southern. I am Canadian.  I do however like the word y’all. It amuses me.  Welcome to Julia.

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