On Editing as I go. Because it works for me.

So as per the usual I was stuck on my WIP.  And I couldn’t figure out how to move on.  I am after all a very large fan of the Pantsing endeavor and find mostly that planning saps the creative textiles right out of me.

So I sat and sat and sat and pondered.  And did NOT work on the WIP.  Finally I was all like, yo, Julia, this will not fix itself.  Time to implement some solid ass in chair.

And hellow breakthrough!!!  As in I needed to revisit what I had written and that was making me cringe like nails on the chalkboard and FIX IT!!!!  (sorry nails on a chalkboard is so clichéd.  I should be better at the metaphors as a writer – how about uncovered feet.  Those gross me out sooooooo much.)

I went back and essentially the same things happened but the clockword behind it got fine tuned, and it changed the character and that is exactly what I needed.

As a Pantser a solid amount of my writing is discovery writing.  And that means also knowing that I might not have it right, right away.  That I am going to have to go back and FIX it.  And in fixing it I change plot elements.  And to keep plot as cohesive as possible, I need to fix things NOW, not later.

Have I mentioned I am a wee bit of a perfectionist?  Not all the time, but enough for the neuroses to rear its ugly head in my writing.  I need to make sure that something sits right with me before I move on.  I reread a LOT when I am writing.  And despite having won NaNoWriMo 3 years in a row (no loses so far), I do not like AT ALL,  as in fight you till we are both bloody, not being able to go back and fix things up.  I have tried the just move forward tactic, and let’s just say it doesn’t work for me.

Yup – lots of writing advice out there.  Some of it great, others not for me.  And it’s the knowing what is for you and what isn’t by trying it out.  I figure as long as I get to THE END (or something that vaguely resembles this shape), I’m good.  Doesn’t matter if I do it by editing as I go, or not.  And trust me I do know the difference between editing as I go and getting stuck in the blackhole of the first five chapters perfectionism.  Okay, lets revise that statement.  Let us hope that I know the difference!


Happy writing meanderings all!


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