Mondays of Doom aka strategically planned time off!


So part of writing, in the newbie foo stage is making the time to do it.

And I know we all want to get to that sweet spot where we are all JK Rolling awesome, but um, that is probably not going to happen.

So on Monday (and boy let me tell you how I loath Monday, because coincidentally my loathing for Monday is paramount to the story), I was having a stupid stupid Monday kind of day.  To be fair there I honestly don’t mind Mondays….. when they are spent at home and not at work.   But this particular Monday was a work day.

I have been having this feeling lately that something has to change.  And the problem with that feeling is that I wanted things to change in a big and dramatic way.  But that normally isn’t the case with life, unless its completely tragic, or you know you won the lottery.  Okay so it can happen, but odds are not ever in your favor.  Essentially I was at the point where I just wanted to be a full time writer now!  And be able to spend my days crafting gorgeous prose and the like.

By the by, my prose, are very very far from gorgeous, but I do try.

Anyhow, after a solid amount of sulking, I thought, who the heck would it hurt to look at some numbers?  Numbers like how many vacation days I have banked right now, and how many I earn per month.  And this is where things got kind of awesome.

But first a digression.  I have always thought of Vacation days as go away and do something awesome, like see the world.   And a part of me was also hoarding them for the day I would go on book tour. Hint, you should probably have a book finished first before you even remotely start dreaming about that possibility.  But you know, the writer types, we are dreamers.  And if you don’t like being grouped in with the proverbial we, then I AM a dreamer.

So here I was hoarding all these vacation days, for the great WHAT IF.  What if I want to travel to France next month?  What if I get to go on book tour?

Then I was all like, yo, Julia, be realistic.  Lets just say that being realistic is NOT one of my strong points.  But I went with it for the time being thinking I could totally retract that statement.  I was all like, we don’t have the money saved up to go to France, so ixnay on the Francay, until we get some money saved up for that.  Furthermore, stupid, the money you have saved up is for buying a house.  You want a house.  Don’t forget a house!  Then I was all like, on top of that Cowboy is working shift work.  Which means while you may have the time to go to France, you will not have him to go with you even if you could scrounge up the money to go. And France I feel, should be done with Cowboy.

And then it was time to kick the last dream in the butt and out the door.  My idea of a book tour.  But you see I didn’t rain on my parade.  Nope.  I did something even better.  I told myself that if I was being sent on this fabulous awesome book tour that would require much time off, then I probably had a fabulous author deal that would allow me the time and money to no longer have a day job.

And then I was all LOOK ! WOW!  Revolution man.

I have 12 vacation days in the bank.  I earn 1.25 days per month.  If I take one day per month, I’m still not even dipping into my savings of Vacation days.  I’m still earning!!!  And then I was all like, and you know that awesome book tour you want to go on, well you could use that extra day to like work on your novel and stuff.  To you know get an agent, and then a book deal.  Baby steps darling.  Baby steps.  And I didn’t even feel bad about being at the baby steps part any longer, because now, I HAS A PLAN!!!

And then the world shattered at my feet.

I took out a calendar and strategically planned off 1 extra Monday per month.

And then I dubbed it Julia is Acting like a full time author day!

Which means cookies and cupcakes for all!!


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