2 WIP …. Madness

I have two WIP on the go right now. Both very dramatically different from one another.

Cybe – is scifi zombie story. Maybe cyberpunk. At first I though it would be dystopian, but it really isn’t as I haven’t tried to create a perfect society and reform. I have three pov characters, and all first person. The plot is a little scattered but I just did a huge brainstorming session so I’m feeling remarkably good about it. my inspiration for this project was divergent by Veronica Roth.

Paris above – I would call this contemporary fantasy. My inspiration was daughter of smoke and bone by Lainy Taylor. I wanted to write something rich and lush, and citing at a Christmas concert it came to me. What about a girl who lives outside on the rooftops of Paris?

They are two completely different styles of writing, with different needs for both of them. Yet, I kind of like having both. Like the soft world, and the hard world. I like being able to lusciously curl up with Paris and craft a scene that is pure magic. And for Cybe I like being able to pound out some heart thumping moments.

And the thing is both books where inspired by two ver different books instead last year, but loved with the same ferocity. I think it’s good to take a break from one project to go play in another. I find on days where I get my highest word count, is because I’ve been working on multiple projects.

Just thought I would give you a brief look at what I’m working on. In case you are interested!


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