Clearly what I need is a time machine

See post title above. I have found a crack in my friends ceiling so while I know it is the foreshadowing to the end of the world I also know that the doctor is inclined to show up for end of the world cracks in ceilings and walls and such.

And as soon as he does I am steeling his time machine. I need some positive reinforcement of what my future holds. I know that’s a bit selfish and maybe I should be more concerned by all of humanity, but all of humanity is not keeping my stomach in knots right now. So I guess what I’m really looking for is some relief to the stress.

So if you have a real life time machine please send it my way, I promise to return it yesterday.

(ps. I may be posting a wee bit infrequently due to some unforeseen changes to the day job and my need to cope with those. Also there’s not much I can do besides wait it out and hope for the best. Though my idea of the best and others may vary wildly.)

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