Quicky Book Review!!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

So my new years resolution this year has been to be be MORE AWESOME!!  What this really was a disguise for was to get up off my ass and start doing things I kept saying I would and taking baby steps towards those goals till they where accomplished.  One of the things on my list is Vloging.  Simple enough, until you come up against the greats like the Vlog Brothers. 

But I persevered and did it anyways and while it needs massive amounts of editing because I say UM wayyyyyyy to much, I put it up anyways.  The thing I am trying to learn here, is that awesome is not an overnight success.  It is a bunch of small steps taken towards a goals and the will to contentiously improve.  So while this needs work, I have great fait in myself that I will get better.  This video was more about getting over the fear of doing and just doing.  But if you watch it is totally about  books.


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