When Life Gives Me Lemons….


So I kind of mentioned some suck happening around this whole day job things.  And seriously that cliché of ‘When it rains it pours’ is somewhat true here.  Cowboy also was told he was being laid off.  The bright side is we life in Canada and there is EI. The downside is that would involve a LOT of cutting back. Not impossible, but just hard.

We have plans and back up plans and other plans to get through these hard times.  It will be fine.

The true purpose of this post though is to say that even though it all sucks and it is emotionally hard to get through, I have also taken the time to ask myself what is it that I truly want to be doing.  The answer is still… drum roll please!!!!


So this is me pulling up my metaphorical boot straps.  I’m going to write.  I’m going to write in the little spaces of time and the big spaces and I am going to write on paper and on my ipad and on my phone, and I am going to write on whatever project suits my fancy and I am going to write when it is easy and even when its hard, because life if hard too.  I am going to persevere and focus on what truly makes me happy and be that person.

Other things may suck in life, but my writing does not have to take a shit dive because of it.  I can choose to be happy and to move on and roll with the punches and pull myself back up and listen to Fighter by Christina Aguilera and Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and all of the other ass kicking awesome girl songs out there.  On loud and sing at the top of my longs. Because I will be Stronger.  I will be more than this.

I will be me!


P.S.  I am taking request for my kick ass I will be awesome soundtrack so please leave awesome songs in the comments.  Um like names of songs and artists!


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