Running! You should do it! Here is why:

Things I’ve noticed since starting running

  • Distractions, distractions, distractions.  If you don’t have them 5 minutes is SOOOOOO long to be looking at your watch pulling through.
  • Other people at the gym may not be as amused by my announcement that the ZOMBIES ARE COMING! to signify run time.  Doesn’t matter.  I still let them know.
  • 5 minutes of running will eventually be so last week.  This week it is challenging.
  • 2 minutes of running was so 3 weeks ago.  I kick yourass!!
  • My breathing in general has improved.  I am more likely to breathe through my nose.  I have been for most of my life a perpetual mouth breather. Down with the mouth breathing.
  • Self talk.  Try to do this in your head, rather than screaming it on the treadmill at the gym.  (not that I do that.  *SMILES*)
  • I kind of like running on a treadmill more than outside.  It forces me to push myself more by keeping a consistent rate of running.  (See point bellow about running outside. )
  • Yes I have tried running outside.  I’m like a horse out of gate, wanting to sprint the entire way.  Until I can’t.  And then it sucks.  (see point above about treadmills keeping me consistent).
  • Proper running gear is DABOMB.  Also I like flexibility in my bras as opposed to a chastity-belt-though-shall-not-move bras. 
  • Silly muscles telling me they can’t go any further. YES YOU CAN!
  • Silly lungs gasping for air. TRY HARDER!
  • Silly beat red face dripping sweat.  MEANS I AM ROCKING IT!
  • I like having run, not the actually process of running.
  • It may be the running or the Razor8 (which I drink in a before/during/after fashion) or a combo of both, but man to I feel like I have enough energy to race a freight train afterwards.  Except I am done running.  DONE!   (see point above about having run)
  • Eventually the scale will start going down right?  Because I am building muscle now right? Because I am eating healthier (mostly).  GO DOWN SCALE!
  • My ass is looking FINE!
  • I like exclamation marks!
  • I feel more awesome!

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