Things that are Awesome!

Things of Awesome!

  1. Ran first 5K race on Sunday!!! HOLLA!!! Time of 42.29.  So proud of myself!  This definitely counts towards my new year’s goal of being more AWESOME!  Though the goal for next time will be to finish in less than 30 minutes. 
  2. Did a radio show with my mommy on Saturday and we talked books with other moms and friends.  It was GREAT! (seriously, geek out with your mom over books.  It is so satisfying!)
  3. Had a BBQ yesterday and there was so much delicious food!  Kabobs and salads, and cheese dip.  Which also means I have a whole bunch of delicious delicious leftovers!!!
  4. We got a new King size bed and every night has felt like sleeping in a luxury hotel.  Kid you not!
  5. Saw Avengers!!! SQUEE!!! Joss Wheadon is my god.  The dialogue was fantastic and fit every character and it was funny and action packed and everything a good comic book movie should be! 
  6. Have gotten Netflix!  Hellow Heroes!  (second season is awesome, but due to writers strike have been warned that I will feel screwed.  Sigh.)
  7. Am reading Grave Mercy.  Totally different from the YA I have been reading, but blends nicely with the fantasy I had gotten away from.  It’s like coming home again.  LOVING IT!
  8. Should have 2 complete drafts by the end of summer.  Paris and Cybe.  So excited!

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