The art of organization – step one time management

I am a rather huge fan of the to do list. Except I kind of suck at it hardcore. The keeping to it part, of course. See I have this awful habit of putting so much on it that it would be the equivalent of completing a whole days worth of work like 6 hours after I get off work from the day job with no end in sight for me time.

Over ambitious much? I think it comes from the work ethics I was instilled with as a kid growing up. The need to get all of the unsavory chores out of the way before one has earned the right to have fun. But let’s just be honest that to do list never ends. EVER.

So lately I’ve been taking. Slightly different approach to it. Every work week evening I can put anywhere from 2 to 4 items on this list. 4 small items, or 1 big item and one small item but no more than 1 big item per night.

For example tonight is Monday so I have a writing meeting and my goal is to write 3 to 5K at this meeting, That is the big item. My small item is walking the dogs. After that it is free time and relax time.

As the wether is super nice, currently walk the dogs makes the list every night.

Tomorrow would be another big writing day, walk the dogs (small item), and tidy my kitchen (small item).

I’m going to see how well this works out. I’m hoping that this relieves the stress and allows me to steadily work on the things that are important to me without feeling overwhelmed. Also this should let me feel way less guilty about relax time, without pushing the limits of super woman.

P.S. I totally fixed things over the weekend at my house, minor repairs this weekend, and I felt like a million bucks! New handle in screen door, and a new arm thing on another screen door. I freaking rock!


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