Dear Tom Hiddleston… an eviction letter.

Dear Tom Hiddleston:

I blame this picture.

Before this picture you where just some guy who played Loki and mostly I just thought of Loki as a spoilt kid who didn’t appreciate that he was taken in by a loving family.

Instead this picture made me think about the guy behind the character.  And honestly, I’m a writer wannabe, so I love me some good character motivation, but that isn’t to say that I have this right.  It is to say this is what my imagination built.

The questions that spawned from the photo and the divining is this: Who would put some kid in a Captain America costume on his shoulders?  There is a sense of whimsy to it – love your boyish smile.  But there is also something about that picture that labels you as good with kids.  And good with kids, makes you husband material in my book.  Which is HAWT.

There may have been some Internet searching and IMDB picture browsing and other such nonsense that people who suddenly turn fans start doing.  In a respectful from a distance kind of way because STALKING is WRONG.

And then because I am a writer there may have been these scenarios I built up in my mind.  How we meet, sometimes it’s running in Ireland, sometimes it’s because instead of becoming a novelist I become a script writer and I am the writer on set.  It really doesn’t matter overly much these details because this is a break up letter.  My imagination is now officially breaking up with the idea and concept of you.

I’m sorry.  This is hard for you.  I get it.  You weren’t even aware of me or how I held you in regards before this letter.  It’s not your fault, not really.  I’m the one with the overactive imagination.

But this is the end of it.  Our imaginary relationship can go no further.  It is the time you take up you see.  You just flit into my mind and then I’m stuck imagining all of these scenarios where we ‘skip off into the sunset’ and we will use that as a euphemism for other things.

Furthermore, I’m taken.  I am in a happy healthy relationship, with a rock god, and he is funny and gets me and I get him and it is all good.  There are numerous and plentiful things that make him amazing and the man I love, but this is a break up letter to you, not a love letter to him.

This is your eviction notice.  OUT!  Get out!!  I want my time back and mind space to devote to stories I can actually do something with, like write them out and you know maybe someday become a published writer and all with them.  Also please stop having that most adorable boyish smile.  That would make this all so much easier.


The Writer of your eviction notice!

(aka Julia)


One thought on “Dear Tom Hiddleston… an eviction letter.

  1. Whoa, chick. This post definitely sounded like me. I haven’t really been one to give in to fantasies since I was about twenty. Every now and then, some movie character will catch my eye, but I’ll simply walk away with the thought of “Gee, he was attractive.” The Avengers was tough, though. I’ve seen it five times. Loki *is* quite a looker. After my husband finally saw it with me (he was in USAF basic training when it came out), we both gained quite a fondness of Hawkeye. This eventually lead to me fantasizing about how Jeremy Renner and I could actually meet and become good friends. Long story short, I’ve had to create my own mental “eviction letters” to both Renner and Hiddleston. Life is too important to waste a lot of time in the useless part of imagination, especially when there’s already an amazing man in my life.

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