Redshirts by: John Scalzi

RedshirtsRedshirts by John Scalzi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Was both entertaining and slightly underwhelming. I have started reading his blog and he has these short fast readable funny posts. And he took this style to this book. What didn’t work for me were the character attachments. Some may argue that because they are redshirts that of course we aren’t supposed to be attached, but I wanted to care for these redshirts in more than just a plot device kind of way.

It was funny, it was quick, and it had great pacing. It reminded me of early Terry Pratchett, where the writing is satire but that character development wasn’t quite up to par yet. Terry has managed to master both now, in a satisfying way, and I can only hope that John Scalzi does the same.

If you like Sci-Fi and a fast paced plot and a fun book that offers a satirical look at what it is to be an extra on a space opera, then this book is for you. Especially if you where ever a Star Trek Fan.

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