Late to the Party… Neil Gaiman’s commencement speach

I may be late to the party but that doesn’t change that holly crap Neil Gaiman is freaking brilliant!  Go now and watch his commencement speech:

 There are two things that stick with me strongly from this.

 ONE: Make Good Art!  I want to creatively collage this on my wall and place it everywhere. 

Mostly, I find myself in these slumps where the idea of making art is overwhelming.  I want to do it.  I love to do it.  But every now and then what one could refer to as the Mugle’s rules of society invade my brain, and I start thinking in what one would deem ‘practical terms’.  Do your art on the side.  Have a day job.  And I let those goals get in the way of making art.  I let the stress of a day job get in the way of me being the artist I want to be.  And the fundamental truth of ‘Make Good Art’, was exactly the message I needed to hear.  

TWO: The other shattering piece of advice Neil gave, is in finding your Mountain.  Determine what your Mountain is and keep walking towards it. Assess whether taking one opportunity will take you closer or farther away from your mountain.   At one point in your life, an opportunity may have taken you closer, that same opportunity though later in life, leads your further from it. 

This is a truth I must clutch to desperately.  I find myself on the precipice of the option of going back to school or of taking the time to MAKE GOOD ART.  And at one point going back to school might have taken my closer to my mountain.  Now though, I think that taking the time to MAKE GOOD ART is what will take me closer to that Mountain.  And so that means that I will have to ignore some of the mugles in my life and trying to get them to understand that the magic is in the making of good art.  


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