Thank You Elena Johnson

Last week was a challenging week.  No doubt about it.  Nothing that can’t be managed, but extra unneeded stress all around.

But I love how sometimes when things are shit and you don’t really know what to do about it, something as simple as receiving a package in the mail means so much more!

A month ago I participated in Elana Johnson’s Never Surrender Blog Fest.  There was mention of some awesome karmic balancing gifts being sent out, but I never do these things for the gifts.  I always do them because I love the books and being a part of the reading community.

Enter Thursday afternoon when I decide I should go to the mail.

I got the following!!!

I pretty much started crying.

Thank you Elena.  You didn’t have to, and I appreciate it.  I ADORE the book mark and the sticker and the pamphlet of characters.  I desperately hope the last book in the series makes it out!

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