The Perks of Being a Wallflower… worst book of the year.

The Perks of Being a WallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

What a pretentious pile of bullshit. I shit you not. I would apologize for my profanity, but I’m not really sorry, as the book really deserves it.

So I picked up the book to read because I saw the movie previews with Emma Watson in it and thought that it looked good. About a social outcast who finds his own circle of friends who are outcasts, and introvert who finds people to be himself around. Cool right?

The writing is juvenile. It is like a fourth grader wrote all of the letters. The sentences are these short little staccato things, that tell more than show anything. Then he’ll start a paragraph with the word incidentally, trying to use a larger vocabulary to couch his bad writing skills throughout the rest of the novel. There is also the problem of placing the word “participate” in quotations all the time. It FUCKING drove me crazy.

To be fair, I finished the book. I have never wanted to write notes in the margins so badly in a book ever before. And it was all to point out how horrible the writing was. The only incident that may have saved anything would be how infinite they feel, but it pails in comparison to the bad writing.

It starts with this kid Charlie writing letters to this person who doesn’t know him, because Charlie had heard from some person that this person was decent because they could have slept with a girl at a party but didn’t. So clearly this makes the person worthy of receiving a year sentence of the most horribly written letters from Charlie. Also, Charlie signs it Love Charlie every time. It makes the word Love feel cheep if he is telling someone he loves them who he has never met.

Charlie is also a crier. Something upsets him and he balls his fucking eyes out. He thinks so deeply he gets trapped in his head, and starts seeing a psychiatrist again. But the letters don’t feel like the thoughts of a person who thinks deeply, we are just told that he feels panicked because he is stuck in his head.

At the end Charlie ends up in a mental hospital, and it’s the only thing that makes sense about the book. It’s the only option to end the horribly written book, because it is the only thing that relatively makes sense for how badly it is written. That the kid has a screw loose. That’s the only cover to the entire story of a poorly written novel.

The drugs, the sex, the experiences, all felt like some adult talking down and trying to impart some lesson through a poorly written book. If this was all you ever read as a YA book I could understand your loathing of all YA.

It sucks to a point where I no longer even want to see the movie.

Fuck – I forgot to mention. Everyone is so god damned nice. I hate when that is the only description of a person. His parents where nice. his teacher was nice. His friends where nice. It’s like he walked around while simultaneously being depressed and wearing rose tinted glasses. There are not enough curse words in the world to denote my dislike of this book.

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6 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Wallflower… worst book of the year.

  1. This was such a waste of time, and it was truly garbage. Charlie was so unnatural, annoying, and childish. Aside from the fact that it indeed was poorly composed, the entire book was superficial and generic. I hate that this spoke to so many kids because it literally said nothing.

  2. This is by far my least favourite novel ever. Every teenager seems to “relate” to it, but really, who do they relate to?
    Patrick, the boy who is having an affair with another boy (who has a girlfriend) and then has random sex in a park?
    Sam, the girl who is having sex with an adult?
    Charlie, the boy who keenly feels the loss of his aunty but could not care less about the suicide of his best friend?
    Brad, the gay footballer who is cheating on his girlfriend?
    The sister, who is pregnant?
    The brother, who cheats on his girlfriend?
    The parents, who were raped/abused by their own step-parents?

    When people hear that it was banned, they think it is just because it references homosexuality and illicit drug use, and think that by reading it they are showing how socio-politically progressive they are. Teenagers feel they associate with the characters, but I literally don’t know anybody who’s lives are as poor as the characters. There wasn’t a single character with whom I associated. Like Megan said earlier, “I hate that this spoke to so many kids” because detestable garbage.

  3. As a 16 yr. Old reading this book i couldnt ageee more. I’m an avid reader and this by far is the worst book I ever allowed my eyes to stumble upon. It was poorly written, charlie got on my fucking nerves, and there wasn’t enough action for me. There was nothing going on, no real character progression. It was a waste of trees and time to be completely honest. I thought I was the only one that hated this book.

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