The cover letter I never write

Dear Prospective Employer:

This is the cover letter I don’t normally write. I believe whole-heartedly in the message of the video Lost Generation ( I believe in Nerdfighters: in decreasing world suck and increasing world awesome.  If these are things that are of no importance to you, and you are looking for your square peg for your square hole, then I am sorry to have wasted your time.  However, if you are looking for an employee who is more than just a job description, please continue.

First and foremost I am an introvert, who is very tired of faking it as an extrovert.  The world right now tends to favor extroverts, with their outgoing attitude and easy to please social skills.  The world has forgotten how to appreciate introverts.  Introverts are your thinkers, dreamers, creators, problem solvers.  We recharge with quiet personal time.  For a better understanding of introverts I recommend this TED talk:

I am a dreamer.  I dream about fictional characters and what they would do in certain situations.  I build worlds in my mind, and then watch them crumble to see who will rise up out of the ashes.  I spend a lot of time staring off into space dreaming about these people and worlds and how I can capture them with words on a page.

When I am in a good mood, truly high on life, I am untouchable.  The world can be conquered.  However, I need you to understand that not every day is like this; that I am human and I will have off days.  If ever you want to guarantee that I never have an untouchable day again, all you need to do is criticize those off days.  If you want to guarantee I am untouchable more often than not, tell me how awesome you think I am on those days that I am untouchable and soaring.  Positive reinforcement is your friend.  Negative reinforcement your enemy.

I like squeeing and geeking out over things that make me happy.  Sometimes that is an awesome book, and sometimes that is great nerd TV shows.  And I love nothing more than sharing this love with those around me.  I watch Doctor Who, anything Joss Whedon, love Science Fiction Action and Drama shows and movies and I read LOTS of YA novels.

I like to knit, and sew, and do creative artistic projects.  One stich at a time builds eventually into a finished sock, or sweater or shawl.  It’s a magical experience holding a finished project in your hand that was built with yarn, needles, patience, figuring out and time.  Sometimes I get it wrong and I have to restart, but I always learn something in the process, and appreciate the challenge of a job well done.

I am also very well organized.  I like for things to be in a place and maintain that system.  I like cleaning something out for a day, and then sitting back and marveling at the change and how great a purge feels, not just in the physical space but in ones mind too.

I have two dogs and a Cowboy (husband/boyfriend depending on the day, but trust me when I say he’s mine for life, thick and thin, no matter how I may vent some days, I love him to the end of the world).  This means I have a life outside of work.  I go to the gym and like the way my muscles feel stretched after a good work out.  I like crawling into bed at night tired, but the happy kind of tired. Not the burnt out frustrated kind of tired.

I would rather work 25 hours in a week at $25 an hour and KICK ASS during that time, than spend 40 hours a week at work at $10 an hour twiddling my thumbs waiting till my jail sentence is up.  I can be loud and excited when I am comfortable with the people around me, and I can be quiet and thoughtful and creative at times too.  I can bull down and get the job done.  I appreciate respect and words of encouragement and like to foster the same with those I work with.

So this is me.  This is the version of me I try to keep under wraps, because lets face it, not a lot of you are as cool as you like to think you are.  You are looking for your square pegs to go in your square holes and don’t really know what to do with the rest of us yet.  But for those of you who are there, who understand a creative introvert, who are inspired by TED talks, who dream of changing the world by bringing more awesome to it and decreasing world suck, please pick me.  I want to be part of your team.




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