A Love Letter to Vlog Brothers

Vlog Brothers

I don’t know if you follow them but I always want to scream at the world to go now! stop whatever you are doing and go and watch some vlog brothers.  After almost every single video I am left with this aching feeling at the back of my throat that we as a collective of nerdfighteria are on the brink of something amazing and awesome, and that if we could just convince the rest of the world that this is the right path, things would be infinitely more awesome and definitely way less sucky.   It is in the profound way that John Green will lay down commentary about an experience and impart his wisdom that I feel changed by the insight of his thoughts and that his thoughts can now be my thoughts and I can reflect on them and take them into myself to be a better person and experience life differently, more thoroughly.  And it is in watching John geek out about science that I want to know more about science and the world and space, and things I thought I hated in high school, but he makes seem so damned fascinating I want to be a part of it and care about it the way he does.  And I want everyone to live their life with this passion, this intention to be awed by the world and do good by it.  So this is my love letter to you John and Hank.  Thank you.  Thank you for making the vlog brothers and leaving me with this feeling in the back of my throat, that knows that I have been moved, and this need and want to not hoard you to experience all for my own, but to share you with everyone I meet.  To have them feel this way as I do about you.  To be a nerdfighter and help increase world awesome and decrease world suck.  Thank you!



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