The Dark Knight Rises Review-ish


I was really really excited to see this, as I had thoroughly enjoyed the last batman movie. In the last one they had really pushed the morality envelope and I left with a very different perception of story telling.

This one I did not feel similarly over.  It was still really well done.  I particularly liked the twist on who the real bad guy was.  But the real bad guys character motivation for being evil, sucked.  It felt so fabricated.

They did however tie up the ending nicely.  Every one has their happily ever after, and yet there is still room for more if they wanted too.

If you like things that go boom, an EVIL villain, hopeless situations, and then the miraculous way out of them, then this is a entertaining movie.  If you are looking for great story telling and a plot that makes sense, well I would say this movie is only about half way there.

Also boo and the gratuitous sex scene.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I know why its there.  I just don’t like it, it felt cheap.

Overall, my final conclusion is that I liked movie 2 of this franchise best.  I liked the ending of this last Batman, where they neatly tie of the plot lines and they give us hope for more in the Robin vein of things.  I think Robin has a lot of potential and would definitely look forward to seeing more.  Also clearly the greatest super power of all is having lots of money.


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