Respect the PJ Sunday’s

Aright so I’m sitting around rocking the jammiejams on a Sunday, and if you are not then you are doing it wrong.  If your parents have all been like get up and be productive on a Sunday then they don’t love you and they disrespect the Sunday.  Ignore them, worship at the alter of the Sunday lazzies and curl up with a good book and no plants y’all because that is how we role.

But better still I was kind of perusing my blog feed as I was making soup because the lap top is in the kitchen and the stove is in the kitchen and making cream of mushroom soup in the microwave just doesn’t jive with my flow.  Talk about a run on sentence with not point.  So blog feed… Pitch Perfect.  That is all I have to say.

Okay so I lied.  I have way more to say about it than that.  But what you should do is go and see the trailer for that and all.  At first I was all like Yawn, Glee nock off, and I’m already starting to come down off my Glee high to a crash of loathing, but then the characters and the dialogue, and I was like wow.  This is going to be an awesome YA movie that I need to see.

Dudes I get that I am progressing into late 20s.  Don’t care.  My favorite genre to read is YA.  I love YA TV shows.  I love YA movies.  Even cheesy ones.  I love to mock them and feel superior and also revel at those brilliant moments of growing up because we are never truly done growing up and figuring out who we are no matter how old we are.  Profound, no? Being a grown up and being all like I read the newspaper and pretend I care and get more and more depressed as the world disappoints me is not my thing.  Sorry.

So this Blog, Forever Young Adults is like my soul mate in blogs.  Sure they post a lot and if I didn’t have all this extra time, Thank Ye who don’t like me and don’t get my awesome and want to stuff me in a peg holed thing that I didn’t belong in so tossed me out like last weeks trash.  Ya I’m still bitter, but doing better because I have people like Forever Young Adult.  They don’t know it yet, but I’m like that creepy stalker that is peering in their windows at night wanting to be invited to their sleepover.  Wait that is too creepy.  Loner girl looking over at their lunch table waiting to be invited over?  Better?

What matters here is that they get me.  They get that I love YA, and that I need things like Pitch Perfect in my life.  And I need blog posts that tear apart TV shows in a good but snarky way.  That swoon over the books I like.  And that are adults and understand this and rock it anyways in a way that is oh so how I feel.  They are like a guilty pleasure I am proud to flaunt my nerd flag over.  So peace out my hommies.  I’m going to go and dig me some well thought out snark and kickass YA stuff that you others just don’t get.  And if you do get it, head on over there, cause they get you!


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