Hysteria – Movie Review-ish

So this was another one of out Tuesday adventures, but since it was a showcase presentation it cost a bit more.  It was totally worth it.

It’s about the invention of the vibrator.  That is the short synopsis.

What it really about is the suffragette movement, and a Doctor who believes in more modern medical techniques, who happens to be in a world that isn’t quite there yet.   And it is about societies expectations of the norm, and trying to be those, but then discovering that those norms are not for you.

It was remarkably well done.  Frustrating where it needed to be frustrating, and wrapped up in a neat little solution for everyone at the end.

I adored it.

Also Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of my new favourite actress.  I am off to go and stalk ALL of her movies now much the same way I do for Emma Stone.


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