Listening to Your Body

So this last Wednesday I had a day that can best be summarized as teetering around like a little old lady.  But I’m going to elaborate, and you might want to skip this part if you don’t want to know the finer details of what I perceived as off about my health on that day.

It was either my balance or my spatial awareness but I was constantly hitting the edge of the steps and reminding myself to be aware and not to fall.  My legs where that kind of achy you get in the thighs before starting your period. And my gut was that kind of hard and painful gas but no amount of pushing would result in relief.  Also I would think about something I wanted to do and walk into a room and promptly forget.  This is not new, but it was especially frustrating combined with other things and the frequency it was happening.  And there was the lack of energy and my need to sit down at regular intervals.

In fact 2 days later, my gut is still not feeling right and I still have yet to void them.  I like to avoid taking reactive solutions as much as possible, as I don’t want my body to become used to them, rather working on its own.  I am still low on energy and my legs are still bothering me.  Thankfully the balance/spatial awareness has subsided.  That was the scariest part for me.

My diet has steadily been improving; I eat breakfast and try to drink plenty of water. I have been having more nutritious meals, making a conscientious decision to incorporate more fruits and vegetables. There should have been not reason for me to be like this.  But I was.  Now sometimes this would happen while I was working but mostly I just pushed through and didn’t really give it much thought, because I so did not have the time to deal with it.

Now I do.

And I’m thinking diet.

Coincidentally what has really pushed me to think about this a lot more is Gypsy Forest.  She recently blogged this post, with a link over to this one here, with other helpful links in her posts.

There are some challenges to changing my diet.  Mostly Cowboy.  I love him dearly, and while he goes to the gym and takes supplements for working out, and does fairly well with breakfast, he does not always make good choices for super.  That is mostly because he can be very picky about what he likes and is not always willing to try new things.  He also has a limited range of approved vegetables.  Soup or salad for super is not a meal.  It is a side dish for him, while for me I am content to make it super.

Thankfully I also follow Nerdfitness, who advises small changes are easier to maintain.   You can build from there for better long-term results.  Having this mentality will be key for making the necessary changes.

I need to do more research, however I am thinking of significantly reducing my grains intake, dairy, and eggs.  This will be challenging because recently I have also edged off a lot of meat.  That leaves me with vegetables and fruit.  I love vegetables and fruit!  But only eating them might become tiring too in the variety department.  Thankfully there are plenty of websites out there that advocate a healthier eating lifestyle, that will have plenty of variety.

So I’m going to start changing things. I want to be full of energy and not have these off days that I just can’t get a hold of, that isn’t real sickness in the I have a cold or flue way, but in a subtle my body is out of balance kind of way.  Also more gym time, because I think better with the blood flowing. I get on that treadmill and start reading through my blog feed, and then I have a post like this half way written in my head.  It’s good to feel inspired.

Do any of you have ideas for a more wholesome diet?  Any great resources you would like to share?

2 thoughts on “Listening to Your Body

  1. Best of luck getting yourself back in balance! A few days of poor lifestyle is all it takes to make me feel unwell, too.

    For dietary variety, I find it helpful to keep lots of frozen vegetables on hand — stuff like green beans, peas, diced carrots, spinach, edamame. That way it’s quick and easy to steam some in the microwave, or stir some into hot soup/stew/whatever. Edamame (a.k.a. soybeans) would probably be particularly good for you, since it sounds like you’re going to be cutting out a lot of animal protein.

  2. I finished the last bag of edamame off recently, but thanks for reminding me of all of the benefits of it. Will add that back on my grocery list.

    Heidi do you have any go to vegetarian recipes you could send my way? Oh I also like tofu. If that is any help.

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