The Return of the JamieJam Sundays – so its a thing now.

Hello people of the Jamiejam clan.  I know, your all rubbing your eyes bleary eyed and wondering what the heck I’m doing up before noon on a Sunday.  Clearly I am doing rocking the Sunday wrong.   Let me assure you I do not have a screw loose.  It was time, is all to wake up and share some awesome.  And you know since I will be rocking the jamies all day I could totally nap at any time should the inspiration strike.  Added bonuses to Jamiejam Sundays.

So lets all just tear up our to do lists and quit fretting about what has not been accomplished this week and remember that the only thing you all need to do today is chill the shiz out.  Yeah so shiz is like my new favorite word.  It’s a curse but not quite a curse ‘cause it’s not spelt like it and that delights me to no end for some reason right now.  Ya’ll will roll with it ‘cause you’re cool like that right?  Good.

In case you where wondering around the interwebs today, being all mop mop I don’t know what to do, fear not my fair clan, I got the crack that will keep you good.  I mean….. not real crack okay, just you know the internet kind.

Today my fair bestest friends of the interwebs whom I don’t know but I’m sure you are all super cool because you are here on a Sunday in your jamies right, I give you The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  Yup.  Just head on over to that page.  After you can also go to The Lydia Bennet, where Lydia does her thing for a few videos.  And lastly the most recent spin off Maria of the Lu.  You’re welcome.  And if you still have a Pride and Prejudice itch that needs scratching, head back on over to my favoritest YA site for those of you who may be a little more Y then A: Forever Young Adult for their recent WEEK long feature on P&P.  You’re welcome.

Is it to early for naptime?


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