Week 3 – JamieJam Sundays returns!!

Welcome to our third session of JamieJam Sundays.  Put on your comfies and just relax.  Don’t worry about societies expectations of you and just do what you need today for you only.  Not for anyone else.  Want a long soak in the tub with a good book and then to crawl back into your PJs and just chill the F out.  By all means go ahead, I will not judge you.  In fact I will share a bottle of wine with you, though since this is the interwebs it will have to be a virtual sharing.

So confession time.  Yesterday I could have used a JamieJam Sunday.  I had a terrible case of the woe is me a la Eeyore style.  I got up and kicked ass in the clean my kitchen department, and then I totally crashed and had ZERO motivation.  I’m sure you have all had those kind of days, where pretending to give a shit is right up there with cleaning your house. (unless you are like me and totally groove on that freshly cleaned space and so therefore don’t mind cleaning at all as long as you have schedule the rest of the day for hanging out in your super clean space and enjoying it all for yourself.  What?  I’m the only one?)

So here comes the confession part, I actual don’t terribly mind days like that, the woe is me kind.  The best part about not working right now is that on days like that I can take care of myself and I don’t have to pull through and pretend like everything is okay.  I can go ahead and crawl into a book and make some soup and call it a day.  I know not all of you have that same luxury as me, so that is why I totally advocate for JamieJam Sundays.  A day to just not give a shit about the rest of it and focus on you.

I know some of you are moms and have all of these expectations.  I’m not a mom.  I can’t say how this would work with kids.  Except to you know tell them to keep their Jamies on give them the cereal and milk and let them watch as many movies as they want in their blanket forts.  I remember as a kid those where my favorite weekends, when my dad was traveling out of town or on a guys weekend and my mom would just let my sister and I veg out in PJs all weekend with a whole bunch of rented movies, pizza and cereal and blanket forts.  And she would curl up with a glass of wine and a good book and unless the world was burning we had very little expectations of each other.

Looking back I know my mom was dealing with her own Eeyore like feelings.  Man I get those when Cowboy is out of town.  I also know how those do nothing kind of weekends grated on my dad as he was a huge proponent of get your shit done personality.  I have that too, but I also have the chill the F out when I need it vibe as well.  It’s a balance and you need to know when to serve one or the other, and that they are both equally important.

Now, if y’all have stopped by for some awesome, and aren’t here to bleed your hearts out here is your awesome for the week:  Questionable Content.  It is by far my favorite web comic.  All the archives are available for FREE and it is definitely awesome to see how the author grew artistically from beginning to where he is now.  I also get the feeling that he knows how to rock a good JamieJam Sunday, and understands those off days.  So crack a bottle of wine and prepare to get in on some great inside jokes.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – JamieJam Sundays returns!!

  1. I’m totally with you. My family was always so chill, but Hubby’s was always work work work. Yeah, there was always time for chill, but the only excuse for not getting anything done is being totally sick or PMSing. So, being a housewife without her own car for the time being, I do tend to have days (fairly often, actually) where I just can’t stand to do anything but curl up on the couch and watch movies or the Vlog Brothers. I always make sure, though, that before I fall into that, I make something look obviously different so Hubby knows I didn’t do *nothing* all day ;o).

    1. I know what you mean the only excuse for true nothing being sick. I used to be so hard on myself about that, to the point where I actually looked forward to being sick so I could have the excuse for pure nothing. Now I have found a lot more balance between getting stuff done and making sure I have enough me time. The balance was a lot harder when i worked full time as there never seamed to be enough hours in a day. Being unemployed has changed that significantly though. 😉

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