Friday Five!

It’s Friday Friday Friday oh (yeah that’s the Jessica Black tune. Now you can all have it stuck in your heads along with me! You’re welcome.

So let’s all do a Friday 5.

Rules: Post the 5 most awesome things that happened to you this week.  Link in the comments to your blog! Or leave your Friday 5 in the comments!

  1. Ann Aguirre new YA series.  Started Enclave on Tuesday and am now onto Outpost and read her short in-between.  This is a great series if you are feeling like you have some Divergent withdrawals.  Added bonus: ZOMBIES
  2. Went to go see a movie this week with a friend.  The New Resident Evil.  I enjoyed it for what it was, which was clearly a video game made into a movie.  Like there were obvious save points and ammo acquisitions.  Also New Rules: I am not a fan of the running Zombie.  I like to believe I have a chance.  This was a kickass movie though that didn’t require a lot of brainpower so was exactly what I needed.
  3. Found out that there is a David’s Tea in the Toronto Airport.  This is awesome, as Cowboy will be flying through there like every few weeks on his way home from work.  So all I have to do is tell him what kind of teas I want!!
  4. I have started writing again.  I had taken a break to figure out the plot of the book and do some research.  I am still doing some research as I go, and I don’t have it all plotted out, but I have a beginning and a middle and a vague end, and it will build as I go.
  5. Community (Seasons 1-3 available on Netflix including Canada).  Holly crap is that show funny.  Started watching it last night with my friend Aura and snorted at every single episode.  Also made some knitting mistakes so had to pick back I was so distracted by the TV.  That is good TV y’all!

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