JamieJam Sunday – a good cry

I just finished watching Bunheads on Friday evening and then I read this sad blog post and then I started crying.  I had been on the brink of tears for days.  Not in that I just want to cry because the world sucks kind of way, but in the I would be reading something and I would get that feeling in the back of my throat and I would feel the sad, or I would be not doing something and there might be a lingering sad, but nothing to push me over the edge into the cry territory.  And then I rolled over that edge.  And it wasn’t like I was crying over any specific thing, there was just the sad and the no edge any longer and the tears.

Sometimes a cry is good for us, even the for no reason cries just because there is sad in us that has to leak out sometimes.  I’m not writing this looking for sympathy.  I’m writing this to let you know it’s okay.  This is normal.  We are human and we feel sad.  And for me anyways, I kind of don’t mind it.  I don’t mind feeling all of the feelings.  I like to feel all of the feelings.  It lets me know I am human.  Just like I like to feel happy, not just because it is happy but because it is all of the feelings and lets me know I am human and alive and emotional.  I like emotions.  Especially when we have the time and space to deal with them.  So go ahead, have a cry.  Sometimes that is just what we need to remind us we are us.

So this week in the awesome, if you have Netflix go and find Community.  Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are up.  I started watching this on Thursday with Aura, and it is full of snort laughter moments.  Wait I take that back.  You WILL NOT LAUGH.

Okay so once upon a time there was this movie called The Hangover that everyone was all like EMERGERD it is so awesomely hilariously teh funny!  And then I watched it.  And it was not.  I kept waiting for it to be funny, and all I could think was how fucking stupid is this and why am I wasting my time?

So that’s why I don’t want to over talk Community.  But you know, if you have ever been to a small town Community College and been like why me, why did I give in like this?  Then this show is for you.

Also I would give a shout out to Bunheads, not on Netflix.  Sorry.  Season 1 has 10 Episodes and I don’t know when that will be released via DVD/Blue Ray, but I had PVR them and so just caught up and I’m sorry it finished in August Okay.  But it was good.  It’s by the creator of Gilmore Girls, and let me warn you this is not Gilmore Girls, but it has a similar whit and charm with a flare of all mine!  Give it a chance.  By the last episode, if you’re like me of course, you will be like, but why? I want more!! Now!! Where is the MORE!!! And then you’ll read a sad blog post and cry.

The end!

Now back in your JamieJams, this is Sunday after all.  We have to do this right!




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