Friday Five!

Friday Five:

1)   Most of My Christmas Shopping is done.  Those that are not done are planned for! This means that I will be far less stressed closer to Christmas!  Hoozah!!!!

2)    Posting vague things on Facebook gets everyone curious.  EVIL PLAN!!  Also I wish the news everyone is chomping at the bit to know was that I have an agent for writing, but its not.  It is very much so way more mundane than that, but will have a positive spin as long as I choose to see it that way.

3)   Dudes, anxiety bites.  But I read this lovely quote about Mental Health and it really brightened my day.  We all have challenges.

  1.  “What I’ve been learning over the course of my life is that diagnoses exist to help get people services they need— but there’s no such thing as mental illness. We’re all mentally ill and we’re all haunted by something, and some people manage to find a way to ride it out so that they don’t wind up needing extra help. So I think that ‘mental illness,’ as a term, is garbage. Everybody is in various states of needing to transcend something. I believe in mental health care, but when we call people ‘crazy,’ we exclude them from our circle. That’s bogus— you’re in the same boat as they are! Maybe some people are better at pretending they don’t harbor all kinds of issues, but, really, everyone has them.
The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle talks to Larry Fitzmaurice about his new album, Transcendental Youth, which details the lives of people diagnosed with mental illness. (via pitchfork)

4)   I’m going to a knit night tonight.  I am a wee bit excited.  I have never been and normally slushfed it off for some reason or another, but this week Sylvie asked and I said yes, and made the conscious decision that I would do this.

5)   I have been writing every day and I think I kind of have a system.  It is not perfect and it is flexible, but the right every day rule has been working wonderfully and has been helping in relieving the tension and anxiety in my life.  Doing a little something every day is much easier to get things done than doing it all at once.


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