The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle, #1)The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I finished this book last week and have been trying to figure out what to say about it. So to start, this book is not bad. It is in fact quite good. So lets start with our list of 5 and then I will elaborate some more on my mixed feelings.

1) Blue
2) Adam
3) Gansey
4) Ronan
5) Noah

Is that cheating, naming our five protags? I think not. They are all awesome in there own right! Also I’m going to elaborate so just hold your horses before you stake me as a witch.

Each on of these people is the hero of their own tail, and they each are a different puzzle piece in the greater scheme of things. Also I love a character driven book, and this is definitely one of them. However, getting to know each of these characters at first was a bit confusing and required a lot of rereading to insure I wasn’t attaching the wrong characteristics to the wrong person. Once you capture each of the characters essence they remain true to themselves throughout the story.

Blue is the girl who is a TV antenna for her clairvoyant family. She however is NOT clairvoyant. So when she sees a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve, there are only two reasons, either it’s her true love, her she will kill him. Add to that the prophecy her entire family keeps giving her: when you kiss your one true love he will die. So Blue has rules about boys and kissing and even more rules about Raven boys.

Adam is the boy that Blue breaks the Raven Boy rule for. He is the one Raven Boy who does not come from wealth and that makes her warm to him, as he doesn’t look down on her and see her as a material possession. Despite their hand holding and the tingles she does not break her no kissing rule for him. Adam also has his own challenges to face in regards to his roots and not being from the wealthy and easy side of things.

Gansey is the boy who’s spirit Blue saw. Within the confines of the next year he will be dead and either she will be in love with him or the one who killed him, or both? Except when she meets Gansey her first impression is pompous dick. It is through Adam that she gets to know the boys and their group. Gansey is at the center of that group and is his mission to find Glendower and the ley lines. Not all boys like being possessions of Gansey, even though that is not how he sees them.

Ronan is Gansey’s friend and a Raven Boy and part of the quest. Ronan comes with his own bag of questions, from his father’s death and his father’s secrets, and Ronan knows them but is not sharing. Ronan has a knack for Latin and has an angry broken spirit. Where Gansey is an open book, Ronan is the mystery, counter weight.

Noah is the boy on the fringe of the group, smudgy looking and not quite in the group but not out of it either. He has a way of knowing things, where to find them and such. And his reveal is one of the greatest parts of this book. I am also so very impressed with how the group handled it and how he was still part of them.

And then we have Blue’s family, which is her mom and her psychic friends who are all a conglomerate of mom’s to her in various ways. Who hold secrets and know the future and won’t share for fear of it coming to pass and having to live with their own set of mistakes.

So there are all of these puzzle pieces and they fit together to make a very interesting story, but it is just part of a story. There is definitely an ending to this book, but as far as endings go it is a beginning to a larger tale. Honestly, I will be rereading this before the release of book two and the rereading book one and two before the release of book three. Trilogies like this are best experienced as a whole, to feel everything drawn up and tied together, instead of eating the first course and realizing that while yes that is a lovely first course, you can smell the second and your still hungry and by gosh darn it I want that second course now!

By all means I will not stop you from reading this. I fully encourage you to read this. Especially if you have a thing for Welsh mythology and like magic and great story telling and a weaving in of all of these threads, in a very well done manner, then yes, absolutely yes this story is awesome. But it’s not done! And let me tell you the second course spread smells ever so good with the secrets left behind!

4/5 (I think the series has more to offer still)

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