I WIN!!!!

I WIN!!!!   It is the type of winning you want to do a whole lot of bragging about in regards to coming from behind and having a lot working against you and succeeding anyways.  And trust me my loves I so want to dish all the juicy details.  But I’m not.  Just ‘cause you know, I want to keep it all professional.  Maybe one day when this is long behind me I will dish, but mostly now it will be kept to mine for possible story fodder in the future.  Until then, the most details you are going to get is the above paragraph.

Okay, I will dish one tinsy detail.  I got called back to work, different department, different position.  There where some hoops to jump through and I navigated those as best as I could with as positive an attitude as possible.  And I won!  I got the call saying official it was mine.

Dudes you don’t understand how much I really want to wax poetic about the details.  How much I want you to understand what this means to me.  Not just getting the new position, but all of the other baggage that I had holding me back.

It has been a challenging year for me that made me question a lot about myself.  Like really shook me to the core.  And I have definitely come to some conclusions.  Things I knew, things I suspected, things that will require some working on. Hopefully it will translate to a different path for me in the future.  I don’t know how far in the future.  The future is one of those ever changing things.  If anything I have learnt, hardcore this year, is no matter how we plan or how we think things will go they can change and a lot of time it’s change not of our own devising but of someone else’s that we have no control over.

But I think change of our own choosing is possible.  Dreams are worth dreaming.  Have them.


(YES that is Xander doing the Snoopy dance.  It is one of those moments in life!)


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