Knitting Chops.

I don’t often post about yarn and knitting because quite frankly I am still working on becoming a Knitter, note the capital K.  At this juncture I have knit 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, the first of which almost turned me off knitting completely as the tools I used where subpar, the second of which convinced me that knitting was worth my time again, with way more awesome tools.  I have knit my grandmother a turban style hat, I have knit myself and my sister matching snails hats.  I have knit my mom a cloche hat.  I have knit a baby poncho (self made pattern – no pics).  I have knit a pair of socks for my mom, I have knit a singular sock for myself.  I have a started baby sweater that I will never finish because I ran out of yarn and can’t get more of it, and there was the Christmas dish clothes I made for my relatives last year (no links or pics).

So I do have some knitting chops.  I know what tools I like, and what I don’t.  I have a small yarn stash and a collection of knitting books and tools.

I have only been doing this for about a year and a half minus of course the first pair of fingerless gloves.  I have however known I have wanted to become a knitter from a very young age.  Grade school young, when I would go to my grams once a week to learn how to knit.  She should have started me with a pattern though, because scarves suck.  In fact I collected knitting paraphernalia for years before I made that first set of fingerless gloves.

This is all to say that the other day when I cast on a sock for a Christmas gift, and I had the sneaking suspicion that it was the wrong gauge, and tried to continue anyways, I should have turned back immediately.  Instead I tried loosening how I knit, except for the fact that I am a wound of kind of person, so that was a bad bad idea. Offending garment pictured below.

The only solution was to rip out about 4 hours worth of knitting.  This was not a fun solution, but it was the solution.

I should have known better.  I may not be a Knitter, but I have enough experience and love of this art to know when something is not working.  Heck having finished my second pair of fingerless gloves then having to rip them out because I could not live with my increase mistakes should have taught me that one.  Lets just chalk this up to stubborn.  Anyone else would not have collected knitting stuff for so long without actually knitting.  Clearly this factory default stubborn setting is all my own.


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